Tip! Diani Beach Festival 9dec 2017 tot 1 januari 2018!


Diani Beach, Kenya is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The aim of this festival is to showcase to the world the incredible experience that this small beach town has to offer.Diani Beach Festival (DBF) will take place between 9th December and 1st January 2017/2018. DBF is a sports and entertainment festival running throughout the holiday period right on one of the most famous beaches in Kenya. The festival will be home to several days and nights activities like skydiving, kite surfing, water sports, slack-lining, to name just a few.The festival will also play host to huge entertainment programs incorporating international, regional and domestic talent.The venue will be designed with bars, lounges, restaurant, Xmas shopping stalls and VIP areas.

Voor meer info klik op de link!

Leuk !
Jammer dat de tickets (en logies) altijd zo achterlijk duur zijn met de kerst.
Gelukkig mag ik weer begin Februari :slight_smile:

Leuk!! Is dat ieder jaar?