Te koop: The Brandt Travel Guide of Namibia

Te koop: The Brandt Travel Guide of Namibia
Namibia’s popularity as a safari and adventure-activity destination has really taken off, and there are now a huge range of options available to travelers. This detailed guide offers expanded coverage of the Caprivi Strip, now open to tourists, and the pristine yet accessible wilderness of Namibia–from the desolation of the Skeleton Coast to the picturesque capital of Windhoek. Features include: *In-depth focus on both recently opened lodges, including those with spa and gym facilities *Coverage of the fascinating range of Namibia’s wildlife *Overland driving tips and route planning with some GPS coordinates
**Auteur: **Chris Mc Intyre
Taal: Engels
**Afmetingen **140x25x214 mm
**Gewicht **562 gr
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Goede middag, hebben jullie de Bradt guide Namibie nog?
vg Marianne

Volgens mij staat in de vorige posting dat de gids bijna 8 jaar geleden is verkocht. Maar hier hebben ze er nog genoeg: https://www.amazon.com/Namibia-4th-Bradt-Travel-Guide/dp/1841623350 :dag:

En als je niet per se de Bradt wilt, kijk dan eens hier: https://www.marktplaats.nl/z.html?query=reisgids+namibië&categoryId=0&postcode=&distance=0