Olifant geraakt door landmijn

Published: 6/08/2010 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

LAMPANG : A female elephant has been seriously wounded after stepping on a landmine along the Thai-Burmese border.

Pung Mae Kapae, an elephant recently injured after stepping on a landmine in the jungles of Burma, is kept under close watch at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang’s Hang Chat district. Local elephant welfare groups are worried about the use of landmines along the Thai-Burma border as many elephants have been killed or injured. SOMSAKSUKSAI

Pung Mae Kapae, 22, was sent on Wednesday to the Elephant Hospital run by the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) foundation in Lampang.

The jumbo sustained severe injuries to its left hind leg after treading on a landmine while working in the forests near Burma’s Myawaddy province.

The area, opposite Mae Sot district in Tak, is littered with landmines planted during continuing skirmishes between the Burmese army and ethnic groups.

Preecha Puangkham, veterinarian chief at the hospital, said Pung Mae Kapae had to endure the wounds for at least seven days before being sent to the hospital.

The jumbo is healthy but the wounds on its leg have started to fester and must be kept under close watch for possible infections and complications.

The foundation is calling on international landmine agencies to look into the problem of mines along the Thai-Burmese border.

Soraida Salwala, founder of the FAE, said the number of elephants killed or maimed by landmines in the Burmese forests had increased in the past decade.

The situation had grown worse since Burma reinforced its troops along the border, particularly in the area opposite Mae Sot district, Ms Soraida said.

“The FAE is worried about the use of landmines in Burma because the mines have adverse effects on human life and animals, including cattle and elephants,” she said.

“We appeal to the media and international bodies working on a global landmine ban to realise the dangers of the situation.”

The hospital has treated 13 elephants wounded by landmines since 1999.
Among the injured elephants was Motala, 49, who drew an outpouring of public sympathy after her left front foot was blown off 11 years ago in Karen state.

Bron: Bangkok Post

Ach jeetje!! :frowning: Wordt daar altijd zo triest van… Tevens vind ik het olifanten hospitaal in Lampang echt een geweldig iets! Hoop daar ooit een keer te kunnen kijken…

triest inderdaad.