Nieuwe regels voor jaarlijkse extentie van verblijf

De Thaise immigratie dienst heeft nieuwe regels voor het toekennen van een jaarlijkse extensie van verblijf. De regels zijn tot nu toe alleen in het Thais en gelden reeds. Er is nog geen vertaling beschikbaar.

Op de website van haivisa heeft een advocatenkanoor echter een voorlopige indruk gegeven:

Here are some changes:

BUSINESS VISA: Under 7.1 (4) before, you had to:

“The business concerned must have duly submitted its audited balance sheet as at the end of the latest fiscal year.”

Now, it’s the 2 latest years. It seems to be in accordance with the new labour act which will allow work permits for 2 years. That’s my personal opinion.

The clause 7.1 (5) seems to be deleted. Before, you had to show some profits and losses, audit, etc.

In case of visa for an investment, the Thai version was not mentionning 3 million baht. The English version was. Now, it’s clearly an investment of not less than 3 million. That was 7.4 before.

For teachers, private and public school, it looks like it’s the same. BUT BE CAREFUL. The previous police order was mentionning documents required…the new one DOES NOT MENTION DOCUMENTS REQUIRED…but only basis for consideration.

For family (like spouse, children) there are some modifications:

It looks like the ‘support of a child visa’ is still there, but there are financial requirements. 40,000 baht income per month for the mother or father, or 400,000 at the bank. But they added a paragraph mentionning that the immigration office has DISCRETION case by case to deliver this visa. No requirement about the age (before there was a requirement of 50 y-o, that was not always applied).

The HUSBAND married to a Thai lady (what about the wife married to a Thai???) now must show 40,000 baht income per month, or 400,000 baht at the bank 2 months in advance. Before, it was per couple. Now, it’s for the foreign HUSBAND. But on the third page of this document, there is a mention on page 3 that the immigration will have discretion to apply this clause or not. Same as the previous one. I do believe it’s to protect people living here for a long time, with children or a wife, who don’t have the requirements. Personal opinion too.

For retirement visa, it’s now SPECIFIED that you need 800,000 baht in a local bank account for the FIRST YEAR. Some people were able to get a one year retirement visa abroad without showing money and the second year, for their extension, had to put 800,000 baht 3 months in advance. The rest seems to be as before.

Op de website van Thaivisa is de eerste evrtaling van de neiwue regels voor een jaarlijkse extentie van het verblijf gepubliceerd.