Op de vlucht voor Indonesisch regime

More Papuans looking to flee Indonesia to PNG - report

Posted at 1:37pm on 27 Mar 2006
Papuans are reported to be fleeing into neighbouring Papua New Guinea in increasing numbers in fear of Indonesian security forces.
The Indonesia Human Rights group TAPOL says three university students from Papua are requesting asylum in PNG because they fear for their safety as they are being sought by Indonesia’s security forces.
TAPOL says the three men, who were involved in barricading the road at Abepura which led to the recent clashes with police, slipped into PNG three days ago but their whereabouts is unknown.

Meanwhile, PNG’s Caritas representative at the Vanimo diocese, Samson Masanbe, says while he hasn’t seen these three students, he met five other Papuans who were fleeing the Indonesia province last week…"They told me about what things are going on - what the soldiers are doing on the other side. They’re locating students, going into schools and universities and getting students. And two weeks ago they took two students, and since then their parents and relatives have never seen those two students again."Samson Masanbe says he understands more Papuans are looking for ways to escape Papua.