Dj Phase

For many years the Dutch DJ Phase a.k.a. Rogier van der Meer has been performing @ party scenes. The absolute passion for DJ Phase is…making music. DJ Phase @ the turntables means: heavy beats, powerful pumping (German) trance and hardstyle sounds in the area. DJ Phase already played his records @: The 7th zone, Powerdance, Truthseekers, Pathfinder, Musicon, Eternityland, Flevo Totaal festival '01&'02, Heineken Dancevoort, Club Selected, and last but not least, the Longo’s Lounge parties. DJ Phase is more than a DJ, he is also a producer. He composed music for Ice, Autumn Leaves and re-mixes for Declipse, created the intro and outromusic for HDP and Flevo Totaal Festival. For the Longo’s Lounge Events he and singer Autumn Leaves wrote & arranged music for the official partytheme and arragened the remixes for this cdmaxi single. The official B-track was his own Ocean of Light. In the future we will hear more of DJ Phase because he joined the organization of Longo’s Lounge Events and will work with Mad•Music•Agency. DJ Phase ambition is a residence or a guest performance in a famous club in Germany. Guest Performances NETHERLANDS: Flevo Totaal Festival | ConnectiV | 7th Zone | Longo’s Lounge part I + II | Powerdance | Pathfinder | Thruthseekers | Dancevoort | Musicon | Club Selected.

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