Barcelona * * * * * Appartement Goedkoop

verhuur stengoed appartement in Barcelona
2 dkamers, 1 single, 2 badkamers, balcony, terrace
U are 2-5 adults non smokers U zal betalen upon arrival only if u agree that are getting the best u can get

ideally have workEmail otherwise please write a phone number/best tijd to call


very happy references :rolleyes: dichtbij in NL en buiteland in the country of your choice

[] voor meer info

it is simple: u B) get much more than in a good hotel, u pay less than in a medium hotel … and u can check that this is like this with your neighbours or with references where you choose in het buiteland

Hello my name is Joke Bonte and I’m Dutch,

I would like to receive more information about your appartment.

  1. is it free from the 5th of July until the 19th of July?
  2. Does the appartment have a balcony?
  3. What do I pay for a week (for 3 persons)?

Please reply to my emailaddress:

Best regards,

Joke B)